Don't make the mistake of going to a recording school.

Looking to land a dream job in the music production business? Think colleges or trade schools are the admission ticket?
Think again.

Landing the Dream Job

Don' is the place to find necessary info to making your dream job a reality without spending exorbitant amounts of money to make it happen.


Recording Basics

Start with the basics. From getting an audio interface running to which cables go where, which microphones to use for different instruments and where to place those microphones can be found in this section.

Advanced Recording Tricks

Now that you know the basics it's time to get fancy. What are some tricks that big name producers use? Find out in this section.

Mixing Basics

Everything is what? It's time to mix!

Advanced Mixing

Once you have the easy stuff done it's time to learn a few more things to take your mixes to the next level.


The final step in the music production process.


Once you have developed your skills, it is time to put yourself out there to the great big world.

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Don't Go to Recording School
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